Unfolding was born through my own experience of dealing with chronic pain for approximately 8 years. After seeing countless physical therapists and experts, traveling the world to learn various systems and approaches from all the mainstream and fringe specialists - I was still suffering.

After throwing myself into every course and concept with an open mind and full effort, I had collected wide-ranging experience and knowledge within the fields of pain management, meditation, posture, biomechanics, breathwork and mobility training. While many of these approaches I had found had given me some percentage of growth or relief, I was still dealing with many of the same challenges that had plagued me for almost a decade, and some had gotten worse. 

It was draining. I had reached a place mentally where I was resigned to having to deal with physical pain every day for the rest of my life. This was not a fun time for me. Feeling trapped by my body, and not being able to live the active life I wanted for myself - I fell into a depression.

After some time and with grateful help from my family, my partner, friends and a therapist I was able to stabilise myself mentally around the end of 2021.

Then on New years Day 2022, I decided to start with a clean slate. I asked myself - what if I had a general awareness of all these ideas I had been exposed to over the years, but did not follow any of them dogmatically? Relax my belief system and slow down my brain, and just start to play with the ideas and blend them together.

What I noticed quickly was how I was soon starting to tune back into what felt good and what felt bad for me personally. It was very simple. But quite liberating. Rather than doing what I should  be doing because of someone else’s idea or opinion.

I know this sounds quite obvious, but I had lost my connection to these feelings -  often feeling like I needed to push through pain or discomfort to get to the other side. Rather than respecting my limitations or feelings. 

What started to happen organically in this process of trusting myself was a feeling of fun and excitement with my training again. Even if it was limited. So I kept following this freestyle approach…  

I then found some actual pain relief.

More importantly, I was learning the deeper reasons as to why the pain was there in the first place. It was self-teaching. This was intuitive. Instinctive. And this was unique to me. 

Nobody has lived my life in my body with my experiences before. Therefore, only I can really unpack the causes for the position I found myself in. 

So I kept following this path. I began to trust myself again. This inspired confidence and reduced the fear in my body. All helping with my recovery.

Then big breakthroughs began to happen for me. Releases of tension. Restabilizing areas of laxity or instability.  Reforming of connections. Then noticing how those results were lasting, and my general everyday life was becoming more comfortable and accessible. 

This experience was almost euphoric after the mental and physical challenges I had gone through for the previous 8+ years.

This is when I knew if I could help anyone in a similar position find this for themselves, that would be a worthy cause to dedicate my career to. 

As I kept experimenting and documenting what was happening, more ideas were arriving.

Pieces and parts of the various systems I had learned previously were coming back to me from a new perspective. I was able to play with them and infuse them into the practice which continued to develop it further.

3 years later, and this healthy obsession has continued on to this day.

The practice grows every time I teach it, every time I learn a new technique, and every time I practice it for myself. It’s been an incredible creative outlet for me. 

I truly feel this can help many people, so I'm here to give that my best effort.

Fun fact - The name Unfolding arrived naturally as it was the word I was using to describe what it felt like. I would say to my partner Emma  “I feel like I'm unfolding!” and then she said - “That’s what you should call it”

So she takes credit for the name 😁